11 Jobs with Great Health Insurance Benefits without a Degree

Welcome to the list of jobs with great health insurance benefits without a degree. The United States health insurance legislation is considerably different than the legislation in other Western countries. In the United States, employees don’t have a guaranteed health insurance coverage.

This means that your coverage depends on the benefits package you get from your employer. Recently, most bigger employers started offering some type of health insurance coverage to their workers. These packages are much better than Medicare or the insurance coverage provided by the Federal government. Still, only the best employers pay for health care plans with 100% coverage. Typically, this includes dental, visual, prescription drugs and mental health coverage.

11 Jobs with Great Health Insurance Benefits without a Degree

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Since in the United States, the price of private insurance depends on different factors and can be highly expensive if paid individually, people with chronic health conditions should look for jobs in companies that provide 100% coverage. These jobs are sometimes hard to find since they often require college degrees, work experience and a large set of professional skills.

Still, many respectable businesses provide the same 100% insurance coverage to both white and blue collar employees. Big companies that employ hundreds or thousands of people have many different positions you can apply to without a college degree. The purpose of this list is to find these companies, rank them by the type of the coverage they offer and list the jobs that are available to the candidates with high school diplomas. In other words, will be listing some of the possible jobs that don’t require a degree in the companies which do provide a healthcare coverage. Please keep in mind that these positions that we list, won’t bring you a healthcare coverage in any firm, but in these that we take as an example, they will.

Since many of these jobs are part time, we have also used the part time employee coverage as reliable ranking criteria for our list. If you want to find more part time job offers, check out the Insider Monkey’s list of Highest Paying Part Time Jobs Without a Degree.

As a source for finding companies that we are going to rank, we have used a very detailed article published on Fortune Magazine’s website. It details every aspect of healthcare packages, from dependent’s coverage to the domestic partner and part-time employee coverage. All listed companies offer 100% employee health coverage, so we didn’t use it as ranking criteria.Instead, we have used the dependent’s coverage, and in case two companies offer the same percentage, we dug deeper and inspected the eligibility of part-time employees and the domestic partners.

Since this article focuses on jobs that you can apply to, without a degree, we found each one of these companies on Indeed platform and listed all positions where they accept high school graduates. All of these positions are currently open, so you can easily apply for them by following the links to job ads. If we couldn’t find an open position, we have searched for older job ads and company reviews and added those to our list of jobs with great health insurance benefits without a degree. Now let’s check out our list of  jobs with great health insurance benefits without a degree.