11 Important Life Lessons That You Learn in High School

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You probably laughed when you read the title 11 Important life lessons that you learn in high school. This was one of the most stressful times of your life, but it was also the most thrilling time of your life. Some had bad experiences, some had good, most had a mixture of both. But however you define that period in your life, you can’t deny that you learned a great deal. Maybe not much academically, but a whole lot in general life lessons.

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For one, you learned that at least you weren’t going to a boarding school. Those can get expensive according to the 10 Most Expensive Boarding Schools in the World.

Your science teacher may have been a little off his rocker. The school lunches may have been disgusting. The fights may have gotten out of hand more than once. You may have been ready to run home, throw your backpack down, and collapse on the floor at the end of some days. But the pressure built character. And it wasn’t all bad.

Maybe you met your best friend playing high school football. Maybe you discovered the right career path because of a helpful Guidance Counsellor. Maybe you were Prom Queen or Class Valedictorian. The majority of students have bittersweet feelings on the day they finally graduate. They’re glad it’s over, but somehow sad they’ll never get to make fun of their teacher again.

Take a flashback to those crazy days in the 11 important life lessons that you learn in high school, and see what you were really being taught. Some of the lessons may surprise you.

11. Submit to Authority

All throughout a successful life, like it or not, this is a fundamental principle. Whether it’s the landlord, your college professor, supervisor or God himself, there will always be some kind of rule over you that you’ll have to accept. So no matter how much your English teacher annoys you, you had better get used to it.

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