11 Hottest Women in The World

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It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, you will equally enjoy these 11 hottest women in the world.

What makes a woman hot? That is a difficult question and could be talked about for months without finding the right answer. The difficulty to determinate the women’s “hotness” is that everything depends on perception. Ultimate truth here would be a famous quote saying that “the beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. The same goes with the “hotness”.

Some people find physical attributes hot. Those kinds of people look at the face, waist, breasts, legs and every other physical aspect of women when determining if she is hot or not. Other people are more intrigued by the women’s intelligence, wit, charm and see those qualities as the foundations of women’s hotness. Neither should be considered wrong, but we can certainly agree that a “hot women” should have both physical and intellectual attributes. The same goes for a man who is considered being hot.

So how should we decide on 11 hottest women in the world? If the country is among 11 best countries in beauty pageants, that isn’t a guarantee that there resides woman who is among 11 hottest ones. It is very hard to choose a right methodology that would include all women in the world, so we decided to consider only the famous ones since they are known to the wider audience. Their popularity also gives them a special appeal that makes them even hotter than they really are.

Every year there is a bunch of pools, surveys and journalists picks, determining the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful women. We decided to take that as our guiding line. After checking ones made by the famous FHM, Men’s Health, and ZOO magazines, we also gave power to the people and took in consideration the lists from Ranker and TopTens. Each woman that found her place in the top 10 received points based on her position. We summed up the points into our Hotness Count and compiled a list that will be a feast for the eyes.

11. Candice Swanepoel

We begin our list with one of the most popular Victoria’s Secret models. Candice was born and raised in South Africa where she lived until the age of 15 when a model scout spotted her. Since then her popularity is growing rapidly, as well as her bank account since she was among the 10 top paid models in 2012.

Hotness Factor: 9

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