11 Highest Paying States for Psychiatrists

If you are a psychiatrist looking for the perfect state to move to, our list of the 11 highest paying states for psychiatrists will definitely be of some help.

As defined by the American Psychiatric Association, psychiatry  is “the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.” Along with expertise, a huge degree of responsibility comes with this job, and it isn’t just for anyone. Perhaps that’s why the US faces a severe shortage of psychiatrists.

11 Highest Paying States for Psychiatrists

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Mental illness was once considered a taboo subject,  but in recent times, awareness of the importance of dealing with mental issues has grown among the masses. People seek out therapy without feeling embarrassed. This can be accounted for as another reason that employment of 24,060 psychiatrists in the country is unable to fulfill the demand of the public.

The average salary of a psychiatrist is $193,680 per year, which sounds very reasonable, but is actually not much when compared to other medical specialists. This fact is evident from our piece on the 11 highest paying states for orthopedic surgeons.

To compile the salaries of psychiatrists, we’ve referred to the report of Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and collected the annual and hourly salaries of psychiatrists in every state. However, data were missing for two states, namely Maine and Idaho, for which we consulted Salary. This is a website providing compensation details for the main cities of each state, which we then averaged to get the overall salary for the state.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of this occupation, let’s proceed to the 11 highest paying states for psychiatrists.