11 Highest Paying States for OBGYNs

If you are an obstetrician or gynecologist looking to move to the best state for your profession, you should check out our list of the 11 highest paying states for OBGYNs!

Obstetrics and gynecology is a discipline which is concerned with pregnancy, childbirth, and disorders of the female reproductive system. A large percentage of such specialists are employed in physician offices, but a few can be found in outpatient care centers or even schools and colleges. It is an extremely high paying job with the average annual salary being $222,400. But more experienced specialists can even earn 300K annually! This number is much higher than the salaries of family physicians, which is evident in our article on 11 highest paying states for family physicians.

11 Highest Paying States for OBGYNs

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To generate our list of the 11 highest paying states for OBGYNs, we referred to the information from May 2015, provided by the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics, where both the average annual and hourly salaries for obstetricians and gynecologists were provided for each state. For a few states, salary numbers were not provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hence we had to refer to Salary. This website provided average salaries for the main cities in each state. Therefore, to get to a consolidated figure, we averaged the salaries of these cities. However, since salary numbers are extremely fickle these days, they might not be as exact as one would like them to be. They are surely very close though!

Moving on to the ranking methodology, we arranged the states based solely on their average annual salary, with the highest one on the first spot. In order to assist our readers, we have also mentioned the average hourly salaries and the number of obstetricians/gynecologists employed in each state. But these numbers have not been taken into account for the ranking.

Now that you know everything you need to, let’s get on to the final list of highest paying states for OBGYNs.