11 Highest Paying Jobs with A Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice

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If you liked to watch detective series when you were a child and decided to become a part of the “good guys,” you will like the today’s topic – the highest paying jobs with a master’s degree in criminal justice. Criminal justice is a part of the social sciences group, with the primary focus on explaining and identifying criminal behavior and activities. We can say that the criminal justice has an interdisciplinary approach since it is studying criminals, crime, and criminal justice system, with a help of many other social sciences. Some of them are sociology, philosophy, political science, legal studies, forensic science, urban studies and public administration. It is important to mention that criminal justice, apart of that it is inquiring about criminal behavior – is also finding the ways of preventing and helping offenders through rehabilitation.

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If you choose to pursue a master’s degree in criminal justice, the possibilities after you earn your diploma will triple. The prestige of a master’s degree can lead you to some fascinating profiles, such as a role in the forensics, criminal investigation, and emergency management leadership positions.

Being a part of the criminal justice system demands high moral foundations and maximum devotion to the job. Not quite a career for everyone, but for those who had the perseverance to jump over every obstacle, and fully dedicate themselves to earn their master’s degree, the reward will be significant. It will give you the possibility to choose any area of criminal justice, to match your requirements, such as salary and your primary field of interest. While we speak of master’s degrees, the same thing is with the highest-paid jobs in the medical field, which proves the fact that knowledge is power, bringing more money into your pockets.

We checked Career Profiles Info and Criminal Justice Degree Hub, and Criminal Justice Degree Schools to acquire correct data about the top paying jobs with a master’s degree in criminal justice. Some of the job positions require a bachelor’s degree as a minimum, but candidates with a higher level of education will always have an advantage over the ones who only fulfill the minimum requirements.

We also need to mention that the pay depends on the place of work. Positions in the big cities will often be more paid than the ones in the smaller communities. Our established criteria for arranging the list will be the salary per year income of every profile, which we gathered from Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale.

We present you the list of the 11 highest paying jobs with a master’s degree in criminal justice, and we wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect career.

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