11 Highest Paying Jobs With a Master’s Degree in Business

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Having a master’s degree in business opens up a wide range of job possibilities, and we’ve picked out some of the highest paying jobs with master’s degree in business. Business careers cover a variety of fields including finance, management, international business, market trade, sales, business development, human resources, etc. It also allows you to choose your preferable working environment, whether it is focusing on products, hardware, and monetary issues (statistics, trade, sales…), or working with people (human resource management/development). The latter overlaps and associates with some other humanities jobs, as are 11 Highest Paying Jobs with a Master’s Degree in Social Work.  There are also plenty of opportunities of getting master’s degree in business issues after a BA in some other field, like abovementioned humanities, computer or health sciences, etc.

11 Highest Paying Jobs With a Master's Degree in Business

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We have compared median wages for highest paid business jobs using data from Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. News, and Payscale. Most of the sources we’ve searched were not precise enough concerning the figures, and only on Payscale we’ve got specific information for having a business master’s degree. We picked reliable sources with at least 30 jobs listed that included median wages, and among around 150 jobs we have picked the top 11. Business careers often do not pay a lot at the very beginning, but they get higher as you gain the experience, so we chose these median values which represent what average mid-career workers earn annually. Mid-career workers, of course, do not necessarily need to have a master’s degree, so having one offers you at least median wage salary, and perhapse higher.

According to these, the top highest paying jobs with master’s degree in business are as follows.

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