11 Happiest Countries in the World

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What are the happiest countries in the world? Happiness can be subjective depending on each person but there are definitely common factors that heavily influence happiness. This is especially true when we look at things at a larger scale like in terms of a country. You’ll notice that the happiest countries in the world have similarities which all contribute towards the overall satisfaction. You may not even be aware that you are living in one of those listed here. These countries are probably a few of the best places here on earth.

One of the things that may determine how happy we are in a country is our quality of life. Whether it’s the conditions of the environment, government, policies or just the pure advantage we have over other places, quality of life is definitely a heavy influence for happiness. As such, you’ll find some similarities with this list and the 10 Countries with the Highest Quality of Life Index. Events on a national scale can easily tip a nation’s happiness so it is also an essential part to maintain quality of life as well as lessen any external negative factors.

Insider Monkey has compiled and ranked this list based on the World Happiness Report. The World Happiness Report is a gathering of numerous experts from the Sustainable Development Solutions Network to analyze different factors that affect happiness in a country. These factors include corruption, economy, development, life expectancy, and many more. The numbers you’ll see here are an indication of how far a country is from Dystopia (Dystopia is numbered as 2.1 based on their calculations). Let’s find out more as we go through these 11 happiest countries in the world:

11. Israel

Happiness Index: 7.278

Despite the images and news we might hear with regards to Israel and the neighboring nations, the country continues to experience a high happiness index each year. According to surveys, Israelis continue to express how satisfied they are with their country.

Happiest Countries in the World - Israel

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