11 Greenest Airports in the World

Would you like to find out what are the greenest airports in the world? “Green” or Eco-friendly airports are terms used to improve their marketing strategies. This is to show that their services, goods, and policies deliver no harm in our ecosystem. It also refers using products that contain no harmful ingredients. That will contribute for the betterment of our environment.

There are lots of big airports as we mentioned in our article about the 10 biggest airports in the world. They have huge surface area and passenger traffic capacity. These remarkable airports recognized around the globe for their unique architectural designs. But we are short in supporting environment-friendly airports.

The air that we breathe, the water, land and temperature are factors that influence our daily living. These agents work together so we can have a harmonious environment. Improving soil condition will make the production of plants and trees easier. Considering water-saving solutions will help solve water scarcity in other parts of the world. Boycotting products that harm the Ozone Layer will make Earth a home for the next generations to come. If we choose go ‘green’ and contribute to the improvement of our natural environment, our world will be a better place for living.

Nowadays, some visionary designers and architects become ecologically responsible. They are now surfacing and making airports more eco-friendly. So let’s check out the 11 greenest airports in the world that are more sustainable than other big airports worldwide.

11. East Midlands Airport, England

East Midlands is one of the greenest airports in the world for making its operations carbon inactive by 2012. This big time project started as early as 2006, dreamt of an eco-friendly airport that has been a success of today. For the energy saving project, East Midlands Airport installed two turbines that are the source of 5% of the energy the site is utilizing. Another energy-saving move is to use ground-pump heaters. The ground-pump heaters extract heat from the ground. Then, they set it up as a source of heat in the airport, saving a lot of energy and money. East Midlands Airport has a water-recycling project too.

Andrew Barker/Shutterstock.com

Andrew Barker/Shutterstock.com