11 Fun, Awesome Things to Do in Belgrade

In case you’re visiting Serbia, it is good to come prepared, and for that, we have chosen some fun, awesome things to do in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital city.

Belgrade is a rather small capital city, with a population of around 1.6 million, and still growing. Being busy during rush hours, it is generally a pleasant city with no modern glass skyscrapers and wide avenues. But it is far from being boring. It has been proclaimed by many as the best Europe’s city for nightlife, since it offers a lot of happenings for many different tastes, from clubbing to places with jazz, rock, alternative, trance and other kinds of music, or a great choice of some fancy or domestic cuisine restaurants. Among other things Serbia is famous for its food; if you wish to try delicious Serbian cuisine just visit some of Best Restaurants in Belgrade.  Apart from boiling nightlife, there are plenty of activities to do during the day. For example, you can research and experience Belgrade’s rich history on your every step. And finally, to rest from all the sightseeing and heavy partying, Belgrade offers a great deal of places suitable for any kind of recreation, both indoor and outside.

11 Fun, Awesome Things to Do in Belgrade

Vladimir Nenezic/Shutterstock.com

So, awesome and fun things… Where to begin from? People have different tastes and interests, so this list will be a mixture of various interesting things we have found. There are plenty of festivals going on in Belgrade throughout the whole year. To pick the most interesting ones we have checked the AboutTheBelgrade website, as well as official festivals’ websites. We have gone through the most visited and highly ranked activities on Tripadvisor. At the site Soul of Serbia we have found some awesome guided tours through historical points and sights which lead through some of the great and a must see landmarks of Belgrade. And at last, for other fun activities to do in Belgrade we have consulted Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

One more great thing about visiting Belgrade are cheap prices for the majority of things you can do there, from food and drinks to museums, festivals, and other activities. The affordable accommodation can also easily be found, no matter whether you prefer staying at the hotels, hostels or renting a private accommodation.

We hope we will satisfy needs and interests of people of different tastes with our list, and let’s see which 11 fun, awesome things to do in Belgrade we have picked.