11 Fastest Growing Cities in the World

Overall growth is quite noticeable in these 11 fastest growing cities in the world. While some cities have reached the peak of growth and are settling down, there are some cities that have been catching up. Some of them have even been doing so at a frightening pace. Growth in population and size can prove to be advantageous to a city, provided they have enough resources and good management to back things up. Most of the cities listed here aren’t ones we hear of regularly. The countries they reside in may be a few of the rising stars and powers in today’s world.

You won’t find large growth numbers in most developed countries, the reason is that they’ve reached a point where they can easily manage their growth and develop slowly. For others, it’s a matter of economy that seems to have stunted their growth. However, there are still some exceptions to the trend as you may notice with this list of 10 Fastest Growing Cities in America in 2015. Urban centers seem to experience the highest growth being the ones where populations mostly center on. There is of course an opposite end of the spectrum where economy and population aren’t doing well so their city declines.

Fastest Growing Cities in the World

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This list is ranked based on a combined weight of employment increase and GDP per capita in relation to their current economic performance. The information was compiled by Insider Monkey from a study done by the Global Metro Monitor program of the Brookings Institution that was made comparing the 2013-2014 year. We’ll probably give you updates of this once another study appears by 2016. The cities listed here have seen the most changes in recent years and their growth is expected to continue climbing. Let’s find out more about these 11 fastest growing cities in the world.

11. Ankara, Turkey

Combine GDP and Employment Growth: 6.8%

Turkey has been one of the countries of which economy has been growing exponentially. The growth is comparable to cities of China. Ankara continues to attract a lot of foreign investors and their favorable position and growing working class seems to be contributing to that.

 Fastest Growing Cities in the World