11 Easiest Islands to Get to in Caribbean

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Winter is in full swing, and most of us would like a break from the bitter cold, with the easiest islands to get to in Caribbean.

Are you spending your free time on a “which Caribbean island is right for me quiz”? Or even if you are not sure about anything and searching for “what island should I visit quiz?”, you are at the right place. We have listed the 11 best and easiest Caribbean islands for you, where you can visit and spend your time with comfort. These places have good transport facilities, cheap costs, good security, and most importantly they are very easy to reach from the U.S. There are many Caribbean islands where you can hike and snorkel. But, in our list, you can find the absolute best Caribbean island for hiking and snorkeling. If you live in Seattle and want to change the weather or you want to arrange tropical vacations from Seattle, Caribbean islands would be the best places with affordable costs. In our list, we have also included the cheapest Caribbean flights as well. But sometimes, the best vacations are in April, and that’s why we have prepared the list of best places to travel in April in Europe, Asia and tropical destinations as well.

Easiest Islands to Get to in Caribbean

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There are more than seven thousand islands in the Caribbean, so you have to choose your destination wisely. You will also have to consider the season like what time of year you want to go there. For a better idea of this, make your travel plans with the 12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in March. Experience the breathtaking views and activities to enjoy during the dry season. There are 13 sovereign islands and 12 dependent territories in the Caribbean. If you want adventurous activities, clear water, and beautiful natural views, the Caribbean islands are perfect for you. There are many islands that you can enjoy if you are single, but many people wonder just which Caribbean island to visit and what’s the right fit for them. For example, Curacao. may or may not be the best fit for you. In our list, we didn’t just focus on single individuals or traveling families. We have put islands on our list which are also best Caribbean islands for couples.

While creating this list, we have considered security, ease of transportation, beautiful views and which are easiest islands to access. To round up and choose our top 11, we have chosen the best among the easiest island, first. Then we read various travel blogs and websites like HuffingtonPost and Quora to rank the list in order.

So, what are you waiting for? Read our list of 11 easiest islands to get to in Caribbean and choose your next destination.

11. The Bahamas

We start our list of 11 easiest islands to get to in Caribbean with the Bahamas. It’s very close to south Florida, and you can take your boat there easily. You can choose from 700 islands once you get to the paradise of boating. If you don’t come here with a boat, you will definitely miss the real Bahamas.

Easiest Islands to Get to in Caribbean

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