11 Easiest Gospel Songs to Sing

If you look upon Chris Tomlin and Michael W. Smith with envy, you should read about 11 easiest gospel songs to sing.

No need to fear. We ranked many gospel songs using a scale with two important variables: the amount of key changes and commonality. Key changes can really amp up the difficulty level of a song- you’ll have to come in on the right note, and sing either higher or lower than originally. Maybe too high or too low. That’s why songs with no key changes got 2 points, songs with 1-2 key changes got 1 point, and songs with 3 or more key changes got 0.

Another huge factor when learning a song is how well you already know it. It’s much harder to start completely from scratch than to better learn a song that you’re at least a little familiar with. So we went to Google searching and searched only the titles of each song on the list. Those that showed up 8-10 times in the search results got 4 points. Those that appeared 5-7 times got 3 points, 3-4 appearances got 2 points, 1-2 got 1 and 0 got none.

11 Easiest Gospel Songs to Sing


That adds up to the total points possible amount of 6. (We gave commonality a higher number of points because we believed it to be a more important factor.)

And just in case you’re wondering, gospel music is defined here as Christian music with more of a country than a contemporary feel to it. That means we did not include Christian rock or choir music, such as the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, in this list, though they’re sometimes considered in the gospel genre. Gospel songs can sometimes be hymns, but not always. The definition of gospel music can vary from culture to culture, but that’s how we defined it for this article.

Maybe you’re aspiring to sing at church, or you just want something uplifting to sing to yourself in the shower (if yes, see also 21 Easiest Songs to Sing that Sound Impressive), but either way, you’re sure to enjoy our list.

Singing, especially singing religious songs, isn’t always a walk in the park. For some reason, we can pick up Taylor Swift’s latest tune in a heartbeat, yet anything that has to do with God takes us years to learn.

But get your microphone ready- do your Sharpay voice exercises fast- here are 11 easiest gospel songs to sing.