11 Easiest Electric Guitar Solos That Sound Good

When you feel like sounding like a rockstar without working too hard, you should try one of the songs on our list of 11 easiest electric guitar solos that sound good.

I would love to be able to play a cool guitar solo and impress all the people around me and have everyone fawning over me, but I lack the patience and hand-eye coordination to learn how. I can play guitar, but I just haven’t dedicated the time to learning individual notes. Maybe I should take the advice on this list and try one of these songs (surprise! I already know one of them). I learned how to play on acoustic, so I’m not extremely familiar with electric, but I’ve been told it’s a different experience because the guitar’s body is a little slimmer.

11 Easiest Electric Guitar Solos That Sound Good

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Guitar solos make a song specific, unique, and nice to listen to, quite frankly. We tend to remember how cool a guitar solo sounds before we learn the lyrics to the song. You can learn these 11 easiest electric guitar solos that sound good from YouTube, which is an awesome resource for learning any instrument. I don’t know how anyone learned to play before it existed because it’s definitely been an excellent source for me personally. You don’t really even need to have much skill to figure it out just by watching and listening.

Solos take a little more technique and skill than just simple chords since you have to focus on individual strings, but if you’re dedicated and practice a lot then you should definitely be able to master our entire list. We considered a span of genres for this list to suit everyone’s tastes. We took solos that most people found iconic and simple and sorted them (as well as we could) by difficult and the time required to learn. Guitar Habits and YouTube tutorials were the main sources since a lot of people of all skill levels use those.

Since you’re likely still a beginner if you’re consulting this list, also go ahead and check out the 10 Easiest Electric Guitar Songs to Learn for Beginners to start building your repertoire. Keep reading for your solo dreams: