10 Easiest Electric Guitar Songs to Learn for Beginners

If you want to start a journey to become a true guitar genius, these 10 easiest electric guitar songs to learn for beginners is a good way to start.

Although there are many similarities between playing acoustic and electric guitar, there are also some unique and important differences. If you are good at playing acoustic guitar, it doesn’t mean you will play electric guitar with the same efficiency and vice versa. Among the key differences is the work of the hands on the guitar. Since the strings on the acoustic guitar are heavier than the ones on the electric guitar, you will have to work harder to press the strings. Also, the acoustic guitar can be played efficiently with both fingers and pick, while electric guitar playing requires using the pick most of the time. There are also differences in the softness of the guitar neck and string spacing. If by any case you want to stick with the acoustic guitar, then be sure to check our list of 10 easiest acoustic guitar songs to play.

10 Easiest Electric Guitar Songs to Learn for Beginners


While playing acoustic guitar has its charms, playing electric guitar is a whole new experience. The electric guitar is capable of achieving a wider range of sounds and leaves space for improvisation. Also, electric guitar requires an amplifier if you are to play it. Although this can seem intimidating to a beginner, once you master the basics, it will be easy to discover and enjoy in what electric guitar has to offer.

To compile our list of 10 easiest electric guitar songs to learn for beginners, we searched the web and consulted various recommendations like those from Enki VillageChainsaw Guitar TuitionHow To Play Electric Guitar and others. We took the ones that had the most recommendations and ones that are easy to learn based on personal experience. Then we picked 10 that are the easiest to learn based on complexity and number of chords needed, chord changes and other variations during the song. The song that made the list need the smaller number of chords that are easier to “catch” and the chords are repetitive. Also, to make it easier for you to master these songs, we pitched in the links where you can find all the chords for the particular song.