11 Easiest Dice Games for Kids, Families, and Seniors

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With the various indoor games nowadays, have you ever wondered what are the most common and easiest dice games for children, families and seniors?

In this modern times, our lives move at such a fast pace, and that’s why we are constantly trying to find new ways to entertain ourselves and unwind after a long day. Outdoor activities such as playing sports and going to the gym are some of the ways that they turn to just to revive their energy. Yet many people find it physically tiring so they just end up staying at home.

One good way to relax is to read books and novels in the quiet of your home! Indeed, if you are a bookworm or a novel enthusiast, I’m sure that you wouldn’t miss reading the 7 easiest Dickens novel to read first. However, some will prefer doing or playing some indoor activities or games, which is why we have prepared this list of easiest dice games for kids, families, and seniors.

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To find out which are the simplest dice games for all ages we searched the web and found several suggestions from American Grandparents Association, Family Games Treasurehouse, and Icebreaker Ideas. We mixed it all up and created our list of the best and simplest dice games to enjoy playing with your kids and/or grandparents. Let’s take a look at them!

11. Stuck in the Mud

To play this dice game, 5 dice are to be rolled. Any dice that shows numbers 2 or 5 will be set aside and the same player continues to roll the rest of the dice that shouldn’t show the numbers mentioned. The scores of the remaining dice are added. The player will continue the same process until all 5 dice show 2 or 5, and then the player will be considered stuck in the mud. Then the next player will have the opportunity to roll the dice and accumulate scores until he becomes stuck in the mud, too. The player who accumulates the highest score wins the game.

dice-18208_1280 11 Easiest Dice Games for Kids, Families, and Seniors

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