11 Easiest Card Tricks to Learn in the World

It is always fun knowing something amazing that most of the people do not know, and among many interesting things we have picked the 11 easiest card tricks to learn in the world. Why card tricks are so amazing and handy to know, is because you can do them anywhere, you just need a simple deck of cards (well, sometimes a bit modified deck).

According to specialists, mastering magic tricks consist of three stages: discovery, practice, and mastery. For practicing card tricks, you’ll need to train your fingers and hand movements in order to do them properly and make it look like real magic. And never do your tricks if you haven’t mastered them! Mastering, as a final stage, consists of numerous repetitions in order to perform it smoothly and confidently. Some of the tricks require mastering of certain techniques, while for others you’ll need great memorization and counting. But there is one thing you should always have, and that is confidence, whether you are doing on the stage, street or just as a performance to your friends, because confidence leads to a great performance and control over the trick and over your audience.

11 Easiest Card Tricks to Learn in the World

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Perhaps card tricks will not pay off in terms of earning money unless you are a devoted magician, but if that is your goal when choosing to learn something new, you might try something completely different and check out some of the Easiest Cash Crops to Grow.

In order to find out which are the easiest card tricks to learn in the world, we’ve searched the Internet. First we visited some of the interesting and specialized websites in magic tricks such as Mentalism Knowledge,  Aaron Fisher Magic, Cardtrick Teacher and Card-trick to name a few. Then we’ve gone through loads of Youtube videos to get convinced that suggested tricks were really the easiest ones, as you will see them on the list.

Many of the famous card trick and techniques have been (and are being) modified by magicians. That is why there are so many variations of tricks and their names. Here, we have tried to find most common names for the ones we picked, but in some cases that was not possible, so we left them as they are, brilliantly simple. Apart from that one, let’s see which other easiest card tricks to learn we have picked for you.