11 Current Topics for Debate Competition

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Debating can be an enjoyable past time for some, plus it’s great for the mind, which is why we created 11 current topics for debate competition.

Whether a college debate competition, high school, middle school, or just plain fun, these topics will work for any occasion. Some, like airport safety, are important on a national scale. While others, like introverts, are more personal.

But either way, they’re always intriguing to read through. Even if you’re not an avid debater, spur your brain by deciding your opinion on each issue for yourself. Everyone should know their take on these topics, because they may be more important than we realize.

11 Current Topics for Debate Competition


They’re derived from the New York Times, Procon and Reader’s Digest, and if you can’t get enough, see the 25 Controversial Debate Topics for College Students list.

We never know when some issues may become the top priority, either. Before the 9-11 attacks, airport safety was more laid back than your office chair may be right now as you read this, but it’s certainly changed drastically since then. The Brittney Maynard incident has also recently changed the country’s take on the right to die.

And with more inclusivity in society than ever before, marketers and the media are being pressured into putting out content that’s equal for all. We even cover topics such as the cause of the Great Depression, which may sound like the farthest thing from the ongoing.

But with today’s economy, maybe avoiding another such depression should actually be top of mind. And the idea of human life on other planets was brought to attention recently with the newly discovered network of planets scientists say could harbor life. (Maybe boys can finally go to Jupiter to get stupider now, huh?) Also, have you read or watched the Martian? What if someone really could survive for more than a year on Mars?

The point is, these topics are prevaling. And news events continue to produce conflict related to them. Some have been hot issues since the beginning of the 21st century, but still remain important today.

It is interesting to consider how certain topics stay current, and it’s fascinating to think about how they’ll all turn out in the end. Undoubtedly, those in the past felt the same way about past issues as well. Women’s suffrage may have seemed never-ending, but look where we’ve ended up today?

We’ve also taken strides with other issues like civil rights. But in a way, women’s and black rights are still an issue a century later, with more freedom being fought for with every equal treatment gained. When will it ever end, or will it?

All intriguing things to think about based on our current topics for debate competition. And without further ado, here they are.

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