11 Countries With the Highest Tuberculosis Rates in the World

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When it comes to posts like 11 countries with the highest tuberculosis rates in the world, we often fail to understand that with such great advancements in technology and medicine, why we have still not defeated troublesome diseases like Tuberculosis? Is it our lack of will, resources or planning? Whatever the answer is, it is not simple!

Tuberculosis is as old as 4000 years – yes, you have just heard it right, 4000 years. It is also worth mentioning here that the graph of Tuberculosis (commonly known as TB) has gone down considerably during the last few decades. TB is a lung disease but sometimes may also affect other parts like a spine, brain, kidneys, etc. The worst thing about this deadly disease is the fact that it is highly contagious; it can easily spread from one person to another through breathing (air). Other than TB, the world, especially the developing nations are still troubled with diseases like Malaria – here you might also be interested in our list of 11 Countries With The Highest Rates of Malaria in The World, which highlights almost the same problems but a different disease.

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Through medicine and treatments, the developed world has almost get rid of TB but countries in developing world continue to battle it. It is not only the lack of resources, equipment and medicine that is the problem in these countries, but also the lack of awareness, pollution and unhygienic environment. Africa still remains badly affected with this disease. NGO’s and other international organizations from around the world are doing their best to eradicate TB once and for all from the face of the earth – but something still seems missing…

Let’s us take a look at some of the top countries badly affected by TB

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