11 Countries With The Highest Rates of Child Abuse in The World

Sometimes lists like 11 countries with the highest rates of child abuse in the World expose the real face of the world that we live in. It is not pretty at all. Sometimes it all just seems connected – child labor, global terrorism, the rising poor, etc. What hurts the most is the fact that despite making some groundbreaking advances in the use of technology in every sector like food, health, education and more we continue to go downhill when it comes to human values. Our global efforts, unfortunately, have not been enough to feed the poor, help the needy and educate everyone. When we talk about the evils of the society, it becomes impossible to ignore child abuse.

What is most surprising about child abuse is that it is an embarrassing part of the most developed countries as well. Developed! Are we, really? In United States alone more than 20,000 cases of child abuse are reported annually. It’s an epidemic, which needs global attention.

Angela Waye/Shutterstock.com

Angela Waye/Shutterstock.com

Let us tell you what exactly a child abuse is. It is when a caregiver (including parents) through action or by any other means causes harm, injury, emotional and mental distress, death or a serious threat to a child. Child abuse or maltreatment can come in many forms like sexual abuse, physical and mental abuse, bullying, neglect…and most importantly exploitation.

Our list from last year “Top 20 Countries with The Best Quality of Life” is somehow related to this post. Wondering why? Well a couple of countries with best quality of life are also facing the child abuse issue. The reason? Unknown!