11 Countries With the Highest Heart Disease Rates in the World

We all can confess that we usually take our hearts and their health for granted, but the people in the 11 countries with the highest heart disease rates in the world probably see things in a different way. It can safely be said that if a human being was some sort of majestic machine, the brain and nervous system could be all the complex wiring and computers but the heart is the engine of that machine, the one which keeps it running and one of the vital components of it. There is a remarkable extent to which a human being’s organs can be damaged without making living impossible but the heart is not on that list. While being a muscle which never, ever stops working for the entirety of your life, your heart can take very little damage before having its operation made very insufficient if not nearly impossible.

Even in the 15 healthiest countries, heart disease is believed to be the number one killer these days. Sadly, a lot of people live either unhealthily enough or long enough to see their hearts give up under the pressure of such a long life. However, about ninety percent of the common cases of cardiovascular disease are completely preventable. Of course, to prevent disease you need to eliminate all its risk factors from your life. Heart disease’s biggest self-inflicted risk factors are thought to be physical inactivity and tobacco. Your environment could also pose certain risk factors to you. These include air pollution and various other forms of toxicity. Of course, age also plays an important role in how worried you should be about your heart not being able to handle being a heart. The elderly are a specific risk group because of their advanced age and the wear and tear their lifestyle has given all their organs, not just their hearts.

Of course, statistics also show us that cardiovascular disease affects lower-income demographics more than their richer counterparts, just like with many other types of disease. Your quality of life also plays a big role in how well you can manage your health and that should be obvious to everyone. However, it is not all there is. Should you consider yourself in a risk group, you should really keep an eye on your diet, level and type of exercise and cutting out any harmful substances, including tobacco and alcohol.