11 Countries with the Cleanest Water in the World

Do you know the list of countries with the cleanest water in the world? What’s the importance of having a great supply of clean water anyway? Water is one of our primary needs. We are made up of 60% water. Drinking clean water is important too, this is to maintain the individual systems in our body functions and water helps sustain our temperature. Polluted water is deadly, and it’s obviously not just dirty water but is lethal to our body. Millions of people die each year because of cholera and disease related to unclean and unsafe drinking of water. This is our reason of unveiling the top countries with the safest and cleanest water in the world so they can serve as a role model when it comes to developing sanitary water. Moreover, just as our post about the 10 countries with the cleanest air in the world implies, having access to clean water signifies a strong economic status and high living standards of a country.

We identify each country in our list to have the 4 essentials when it comes to having clean water: quantity, quality, cost, and reliability. As we mentioned earlier, we can expect the country to be rich and economically healthy if they have the unlimited resource of safe and clean water.

We’ll not hold you for long, here are the top 10 ideal countries for having the cleanest water in the world:

11. Singapore

The ‘Lion City’ is the only Asian country that made it to our list. Singapore only started to treat its wastewater a few years ago by using advanced methods of purification and micro-filtration. Yet, they are already making a huge impact and establishing its name in the top rank countries in having the cleanest water in the world.

2nix Studio/Shutterstock.com

2nix Studio/Shutterstock.com