11 Countries with the Cheapest Food in the World

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If you are a food lover, and you are interested in finding out what country offers the cheapest food, then our list of 11 Countries with the Cheapest Food in the World is the right list for you. If you ask a scientist or perhaps “Mister Spock” what is food, the definition that you will get is: “Any consumed substance that provides essential nutritional support for the body can be defined as food.” Luckily, we all know that food is much more than just “nutritional support for the body”, food is the moment when everything else stops and you have one of your most pleasurable times of the day.

Even though our planet provides more than enough food for all of us, there are plenty of countries where people go to bed with an empty stomach. That could be avoided if every country would “eat” as much as they need, not as much as they can. But, since that is not the case, we have countries where food comes very expensive, and represents the most expensive item on an average household’s monthly budget. On the other hand, we have countries where food comes very cheap and is the least expensive thing to worry about. If you come from a country where food is expensive, and if you are thinking of moving, or visiting a country that offers cheap food, then you should definitely read this article to the end, or you can also check out our similar list of 7 Most Affordable Countries To Live and Retire In The World.

Countries with the Cheapest Food in the World


In order to create a valid list of countries that have the least expensive food in the world, we have included the average prices of everyday food products for most countries (Loaf of bread, 1l of milk, 12 eggs, 1kg of potatoes, 1kg of tomatoes, 1kg of white rice, 1kg of boneless chicken breast, 1kg of local cheese, 1kg of apples, and 1kg of lettuce), and calculated how much money you’d need to purchase this basket. We included the countries where you can actually go and eat without getting killed or becoming a part of the menu. The list begins with the most expensive (of the cheapest countries in the world, as far as the food is concerned),  and goes down to the ones with the cheapest food in the world.

In case you are not planning on preparing your food by yourself, while you are on the vacation in one of these countries, don’t worry, we have also provided the average price of 3-course meals for 2 people and the most popular meals,  for every country as well. However, these prices were not included in the process of ranking the countries.

Let’s begin with the list.

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