11 Countries with Highest Bank Interest Rates

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Be aware and avoid any financial problems with the knowledge of these 11 countries with highest bank interest rates. The interest rate is one of the main ways banks earn money. Whether you are taking a loan, getting a credit card, or even paying fees to the bank, the interest rate heavily affects how much you are paying. With this you may get surprised at how much you’ll need to pay back if you ever want to take a loan for a house or car. An institution that handles money knows very well how to handle and take advantage of it. Creditors may also see this as a satisfactory avenue for investment due to the high return.

With that said there are just some countries that have banks that charge higher compared to others. This may be due to laws or policies or even trends and changes in the economy. There are numerous reasons why the interest rates of these banks soar high. Regardless, the large flow of money in a country is a good indicator of how well the country is doing. You may find that the richer countries have lower interest rates and you won’t find those listed in the 10 Richest Countries in the World by 2015 GDP here.

Let’s find out more about these 11 countries with highest bank interest rates:

11. Uganda

Interest Rate: 16%

One of the reasons banks increase interest rates is to cope up with inflation rates in the country. This may be due to how badly their currency has been in recent months. A high amount of government spending may also increase this rate, so banks usually tend to tighten policies with these types of increases.

Countries with Highest Bank Interest Rates

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