11 Countries with Highest Atheist Population

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A new twist to red state / blue state – let’s go international. What are the countries with the highest atheist population? Atheists are people who don’t believe in God. They are not members of any religion and they usually don’t believe in superstition. Through history people who didn’t believe in God were treated as ‘’devils worshipers’’. However, today they are widely accepted and choosing the religion or accepting one does not have any effect on one’s social life. You can see where there are the most atheists. You can check the countries with the highest Mormon population as well.

Countries with Highest Atheist Population, Atheism

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According to the Worldwide Independent Network, 63% of the world’s population is religious. On the other side, between 11 and 13% are atheists and 22% are not religious. You should know that there is a difference between people who consider themselves atheists and non-religious people. Non-religious people, simply don’t follow any rules or guides of a religion, but they may believe in God. Atheists have a lack of belief in religion and God altogether.

American Atheists claim that atheism isn’t a religion nor is it a belief system. The most common mistake is that atheism is treated as a belief system. It never was and it will never be that. Usually, the most ‘’severe’’ debates are between atheists themselves. This is because they disagree on many ideas and common beliefs. Also, atheists tend to not try to convince people to become atheists.

The population of atheists across the planet depends largely on the prevalent religion of a country, the number of believers and the number of non-religious people. That’s why it is very hard to find countries with a high atheist population. However, we managed to do this. We used the map found at the Washington Post and the data from the latest survey, conducted by the WIN Gallup International found at Patheos. In order to calculate the number of atheists in every country, we needed the population numbers. We used Wikipedia for this.

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