11 Countries Where People Work the Least

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Today we explore the working habits of countries and bring you the new list, the 11 Countries where people work the least. In today’s economy, working shifts globally go up for the working class. Demanding markets are ruthless; if the company doesn’t make a profit the workers will feel consequences the most. Nonetheless, there are countries where the situation is a bit different, and you can notice the difference between the economy strength of countries on today’s list and countries on our recent list of 10 hardest working countries in the world.


The countries we talk about today are more developed, and their national economy is supported by the big numbers of foreign workers, successful companies, positive conditions, and the government. In these countries, working hours drop slightly below average, and somewhere even more. Observing the situation on global level, these are the countries with least working hours annually. We ranked them for you. Let’s dive in.

11. Australia

Official law for working hours in Australia allows 38 hours of work a week. Aussie workers respect this law, since it protects them in many ways. 10 different sections of the law are looking after employees, providing great conditions for working. Wages are fair in Australia, and the economy is supported by foreign workers from less developed countries around the world who are working longer to compensate domestic workers. Average Aussie works 1,700 hours a year.


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