11 Countries where Expats Earn The Most Money

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If you’re short on money and looking for some better opportunities, seek no further from here, as we present you countries where expats earn the most money. You know how they say: “Money turns the world around”. It is always good to have more than less of it. Obviously, this depends on who you ask, but the majority will tell you this is the ultimate truth. Only modern Robinson Crusoe will disagree.

The simpler and far easier times when people relied on trading goods for goods have long gone, buried, forgotten. Now, you can’t even walk out across your doorstep without needing money for something. You can sit in your house for the entire year, doing nothing, and still you will need it. Food, electricity, rent, heat, water – all requires money.

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Things get complicated even more when there are others who depend on your ability to make money and provide a safety environment. Of course, we talk about family, children especially. That’s why we have also compiled a list of best countries for expats to raise children, so that you can sync your money hunt with the benefits for your children.

To find out the countries that could make you a richer person than you were before; we consulted HSBC’s survey aimed to expats. Survey covered many elements of people’s lives, personal finance being one of them. Included in personal finances were: personal savings, wage growth and disposable income. These three elements gave us a good picture of the money making possibilities and formed our list of countries where expats earn the most money. 

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