11 Countries that Consume the Most Pizza

We explore the eating habits around the world with this list – 11 countries that consume the most Pizza. Thin crust, delicious tomato sauce, snow white mozzarella, with many possible toppings, such as pepperoni, ham, or even pineapple, and all baked in the oven; this simple meal, created by resourceful Italians in 1600’s, is nowadays one of the most famous and most consumed food in the world. Who doesn’t like pizza? The global trend of fast food spread fast and everywhere, with pizza being the most popular one. Just take a look at 11 countries that consume the most fast food in the world and see for yourself.

Pizza lovers around the world enjoy their beloved dish in many ways and with countless variations. Vegetarian, with seafood, different toppings, and all the spices in the world. In every corner of the Earth you’ll find a different recipe for pizza and numerous food sites and blogs share different ideas on ingredients and ways to enjoy the most preferable fast food in the world. Even though it is considered unhealthy, millions can’t imagine the world without it. The food industry was changed with the development of frozen pizzas, which were more affordable and super easy to prepare. You could just buy a bunch of them, and heat one or two up in the oven when you need them. Restaurants offer takeaways and pizza stands outside for people passing by and not having the time to wait. Pizza is popular so much that the industry around this food is worth around $30 billion a year. Many case studies showcase pizza’s popularity in the USA, and there are dozens of interesting facts about it. Every second in America a 350 slices of pizza are eaten. The largest purveyor of pizza in the USA and the world is Pizza Hut, with nearly 13,000 restaurants.


Regular pizza is unhealthy, but delicious and addictive. There even exists an eating disorder when people eat nothing but pizza for long periods of time.

We love pizza, no doubt about that, and we consume it at large. We did some research for you, and made the list of 11 countries who consume the most pizza in the world. Can you guess who the biggest consumer of pizza is? You’ll be surprised.

11. Turkey

This country between Europe and Asia, known for the monumental Hagia Sophia, kebab, pasta, coffee and smokes, seems to enjoy fast food very much – pizza included. The Turkish variation of this fast food delight contains olive oil, garlic cloves, onions, basil, parsley, and minced meat. The Turks enjoy pizza mostly in the evening.


10. China

Even though Chinese people aren’t famous for loving the meat-cheese-topping combination, there has been a growing demand for fast food in this country. No more rice, chicken, wontons, and dumplings. Its pizza time in China. Chī hǎo hē hǎo!

china pizza

9. Japan

Japanese people follow the fast food trend, and consume pizza at least once a week on average. There is a Japanese version of pizza called “Okonomiyaki”. One weird fact to know here – in Japan pizza is ordered for  special occasions, like celebrations.


8. Australia

Every month in Australia, around 52 million customers get into fast food restaurants and eat hamburgers, pizzas and fries. Hamburgers take first place when it comes to Australia’s fast food consumption, but pizza comes in a strong second place, earning Australia a place on our list.

Australia Pizza

7. France

With an average market worth of ~€700 million annually, France is in third place in Europe in pizza consumption, behind Germany and the UK. French people eat the biggest amount of cheese in Europe, and burgers are consumed as much as pizza here.

France Pizza

6. Russia

Приятного аппетита, comrade! Hearty and friendly Russians love to drink vodka and to eat. And they deserve a spot in this list because pizza is getting more and more popular there. Pizza Hut is famous and well-spread in and around Moscow, while the traditional version contains vodka, salmon or tuna (or both), caviar, and fresh dill.

Russia pizza

5. Italy

The birthplace of pizza is only in fifth place on this list of countries that consume the most pizza, how strange is that?! An interesting fact is that pizza was not worldwide popular until 1940, when during the exodus to the New World a large number of Italians moved to America. Nonetheless, pizza is still consumed often in Italy, and the original recipe is preserved here.

Italia pizza

4. Germany

It’s a well-known fact that Germans are gourmands. Here, the fast food industry pizza segment is worth around €1,2 billion. A hundred slices of pizza are eaten in Germany every second. How impressive is that?

Germany pizza

3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom loves pizza, and fast food in general. More than half of the whole UK consumes pizza at least once in ten days.  The British prefer to eat pizza away from home, and take away is the most popular service for the average geezer, who is probably obese, or near obese.

UK Pizza

2. USA

Here comes the surprise: the USA is second on the list of countries that consume the most pizza. Despite the fact that the USA is considered to be the birthplace of fast food, because of the size of the market, the average amount of pizza is not big enough to earn USA the first place on the list. Still, vast amounts of pizza are eaten every single second in the USA, around 350 slices.

pizza usa blackboard

1.    Norway

By recent studies conducted by food associations, Norway consumes the most pizza in the world, according to per-person ratio. This unbelievable fact is backed up by math, since there are around 5.5 million people in Norway, and they eat the most amount per person (around 11 lbs) annually. It does sound a bit surprising, but it is true, even though the USA consumes largest amount of pizza in the world, Norway definite takes the first place on our list of 11 countries that consume the most pizza.

Norway pizza boxes