11 Countries That Consume the Most Ice Cream

We all scream for ice cream but the countries that consume the most ice cream are actually proving their love through statistics. With all the talk about health issues and eating habits going around, more people are trying to make healthy lifestyle choices these days. But, let’s face it, when it comes to ice cream the strongest of us aren’t able to resist sometimes. The love for ice cream is universal across all ages and countries but some just have a sweet spot when it comes to this particular dessert.

So who in the world is not familiar with ice cream? But are we all familiar with all the varieties that are available throughout the world? To put a basic definition, ice cream is made by freezing of dairy products. However, most countries have made their own variations to it, ranging from the famous Gelato in Italy, Kulfi in India or just the simple Shaved Ice in South Korea. They differ in their names and recipes, but the essence is the same- a chilled milky delight that can instantly chill you up on a scorching summer day!


Also over the years there have been many efforts made to control the sugar content in ice creams and the results have been fairly successful. Though we did have to compromise on the sweetness, many low-fat, low sugar content options are now available to satisfy the sudden pangs of the health conscious ice cream lover. Frozen yogurt, for instance, is often considered a healthier option as compared to normal ice cream in all its creamy glory. So while we are on the topic of having a sweet tooth, the 11 Countries that Consume the Most Chocolate in the World are some others who like their sugar rush and sweet treats.

Of course, to beat the heat in summers nothing is as good as ice cream. Read on, to know the countries that consume the most ice cream in the world who are the heroes of every ice-cream lover.

11. Singapore,

The ultra-modern metropolitan city-state is known for its wide range of street shops and shopping malls, but it also doesn’t have a dearth of ice cream cafes and parlors. Most of these cafes have developed their own flavors and secret recipes, but the ice-cream sandwiches by far remain the most favorite of people here.


10. UK,

United Kingdom’s per capita consumption of ice cream of 7 liters is a considerable jump from Singapore’s minuscule 2 liters. And, from the abundance of seaside parlors and gelato bars it is evident that United Kingdom loves to enjoy its ice cream and where sorbet is concerned there are generally no second thoughts.


9. Italy,

It’s a surprise that the ice cream city in the world comes only at the 9th position of the list of countries that consume the most ice cream. But its per capita consumption of 8 liters is quite behind some of the other. However, its gelato is famous world over and they clearly deserve brownie points for making those.


8. Ireland,

The Irish love their cream and ice cream is no different. Its consumption of 8.4 liters is just a little over Italy. We suspect the addition of Irish cream to their frozen desserts might have done the trick.


7. Denmark,

It might strike you how a cold country like Denmark has turned their love for ice-cream into a culture itself. Yes, the Danish preferred dessert these days is ice cream and apparently they are crazy about it.


6. Canada,

The market for ice cream in Canada is ever-growing and has just seen a 2% growth in 2014. Yet, another country which seems undeterred by the weather conditions and loves ice cream anyway.


5. Sweden,

Sweden has a whopping 12 liter per capita consumption of the dessert and the love affair has been going on since the 1930s when the first production in the country began. An unusual variety of ice cream Nogger Black is one of the local discoveries here.


4. Finland,

Even though the summer months are short in Finland and most of the consumption takes place in the summers only, it reaches to a massive 70 million liters annually. On per capita basis the Finnish consume about 14 liters of ice creams in a year.


3. Australia,

Australia is fast becoming one of the greatest food destinations in the world with many a world class restaurants coming up here and ice cream is no stranger to that culture as they come up with great flavors and varieties. The Australian hot favorites are the Golden Gaytime, Magnum and Weis.


2. US,

The Americans are great ice cream enthusiasts and their ice creams come in two broad categories- Philadelphia style, which contains cream and sugar only, and the French style which are essentially frozen custards. Per capita consumption is around 20 liters trailing behind only New Zealand’s 28 liters per annum consumption.


1. New Zealand,

New Zealand is world famous for its ice creams and is also the developer of the interesting hokey pokey ice cream variety available in Japan. Most of the biggest ice cream companies like New Zealand Natural originate from here and hence it is a quite natural for it to top the list of countries that consume the most ice cream.