11 Companies with the Best Customer Service in America

If you’re interested in dealing with the 11 companies with the best customer service in America, then you’ve come to the right place. What is all the fuss about customer service and satisfaction and why do companies care about this? Well, because a happy customer likes to come back, thereby enhancing the company’s sales. But do all companies need to worry about satisfying customers in every aspect? There is no straightforward answer to this question.

Competition plays a major role in this regard. In a competitive industry like retail or fast-food, customer satisfaction and quality of service plays a major role in retaining customers. But in industries like airlines and healthcare, where the competition is not as heavy, companies don’t rate customer service and satisfaction as their top priority, which is likely why companies in those sectors tend to fare poorly in customer satisfaction.

So, how did we identify the 11 Companies with the best customer service in America? By going straight to the customers themselves. We’ve compiled two separate surveys/polls, beginning with 24/7 Wall St’s annual survey, in collaboration with Zogby Analytics, which identifies the best- and worst-rated companies in customer service, among 151 top American companies in 17 industries. Next, we analyzed the data from Temkin Group, which has collected feedback from customers every year since 2012 and rates more than 200 companies from over 20 sectors on their customer service.

 Production Perig/Shutterstock.com

Production Perig/Shutterstock.com

If we take a deep look at the ratings compiled by both Zogby Analytics and Temkin Group, we can see a trend emerge. Temkin Group rates a lot of food chains, retailers, banks, supermarkets and hotels in its top 20. On the other hand, Zogby Analytics rates a lot of retailers, tech companies, hotels, food chains, and carriers in its top 20. The common trend here is that both surveys list retailers and food chains prominently in their top 20s, while healthcare and airline companies were absent from both lists. However, the customers who participated in Zogby Analytics’ survey thought that tech companies provide better service compared to some hotels and retailers, whereas the people who participated in Temkin Group’s survey think that tech companies’ services are not up to the mark.

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So what methodology can be followed to come up with the list of the 11 Companies with the Best Customer Service in America? What we decided on for this article was to formulate an average rating between the two surveys so as to identify the top-11 companies with the best customer service. We assigned a points value to each position in the top-20 of each survey, starting at 100 points for the top spot on either list, 95 for second, and so on, down to 5 points for a 20th-place finish. We then divided their points by two to come up with an average score per survey. With that in mind, head to the next page to check out the list of the top 11 companies with the best customer service in America.