11 Biggest Guard Dogs in the World

Strike fear into the hearts of evil men with the help of these 11 biggest guard dogs in the world. Dogs are dubbed as “man’s best friend” and they are arguably the best companion animal to own. Throughout history dogs have been trained, kept as companions and pets. They were also used to hunt animals, track, and most especially protect people and property. Dogs have been historically known to be guardians of their owners and their families. Their ability to become protectors is one of the reasons we first domesticated wild dogs. All dogs can typically fit this role but there are just some dogs that have better characteristics suitable for being guard dogs.

Size is also one factor that can make intruders think twice. These types of dogs must be well taken care of and some others require constant attention. When raised properly these dogs can also become the best companions, and one of the ways to raise dogs properly is to give them proper food. If you’re willing to heavily invest in your dog’s diet, be sure to check out the 6 Most Expensive Dog Food Brands.

In ranking this list we take a look at the size of these guard dogs as well as their capacity and natural skills. It takes a certain kind of strength, courage and loyalty to make the best guard dogs. Without any more delay let’s head to the first in this list:

11. Staffordshire Terrier

This aggressive and protective dog is known to be quite loyal to family members. They make household pets and are known to be aggressive only when their owners need protection. This breed of dog is a natural fighter as they were originally bred to fight bears and bulls. However, they need to be trained at an early age.

Eric Isselee/Shutterstock.com

Eric Isselee/Shutterstock.com