11 Biggest Gothic Cathedrals in The World

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If you love architecture, today’s list is for you: 11 Biggest Gothic Cathedrals in The World. Gothic style of architecture was developed in France. The 12th century was the period of Romanesque style with its unique spiked buildings, murals, dominance of darker colors and verticality. Catholic cathedrals are the biggest and most impressive examples of the Gothic style in architecture. Biggest religious buildings in the world are built in this style. When you come near some of those, you can’t stay aloof.


When you look at our list of 10 most religious cities in America, you’ll see that almost every city has a cathedral in Gothic style, where thousands of faithful people come to pray and find shelter. One of the main characteristics of the Gothic style is verticality and light. Today, we’ve ranked biggest Gothic Cathedrals for you, and here are the results.

11. St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney

Central Sydney is the location of the cathedral church of Anglican Diocese of Sydney, the St. Andrew’s Cathedral. The finest example of Gothic Revival architecture, the cathedral stands 68 feet tall, and showcase the Gothic style at its finest: verticality, spiked decorations, and stained windows. This cathedral was pronounced a National Trust of Australia heritage site.

sydney cathedral

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