11 Biggest Gay Populations In America

Homosexuality has been a very controversial topic recently because more and more people turn their attention to the issue with the right of gay people – an issue which the 11 biggest gay population in America are strongly concerned with. It is a fact, however, that homosexuality predates any imaginable modern times. No, drugs and certain types of music do not make your son or daughter gay, neither did the 70’s psychedelic scene and the hippie movement. The enduring romantic and sexual desires of people for others of the same sex have been a part of human culture and society as far as being capable of reasoning goes. The incidence of such acts can not be determined exactly so it is hard to observe an increase or decrease.

Today, though, certain parts of the world are doing the right thing by allowing people to express and live normally with their sexual orientation, as long as it does not breach sensible legal boundaries ( take a look at the 10 most gay friendly countries in the world). In reality, this too is nothing new. Historical records of all sorts show us that in times before Christianity or many of the religions we know today were established, there were societies where relations with the same sex were not only completely normal and acceptable but also expected in certain cultures. There are records of the opposite happening in other parts of the world at the same time too. However, homosexuality was far more widely accepted in certain parts of our history as mankind than it is today. For example, upon discovering the Americas, people of the old world discovered that the natives of the northern continent regarded people who held romantic affection towards both genders were considered people of “two spirits”. They were given a choice what life to live from their early childhood and usually became shamans. In the southern part of the continent, however, homosexuality was openly practiced and considered nothing out of the ordinary. Not quite surprisingly, the Spanish conquistadors made sure to punish any such act in the most gruesome way imaginable.

Today the parts of the world, where homosexuality is still punishable by taking one’s life in quite an ugly manner, are still enough to be concerned with how humanity’s progress in open-mindedness is advancing. At the end of any day, it all boils down to one thing – living and letting live. People in the places you are about to see would probably agree with that so let’s take a look at them.