11 Biggest Gangsters of All Time

The 11 biggest gangsters of all time are a bunch you will not see on the cover of you favorite hip hop album. It’s highly unlikely that you could see them in the hip hop scene at all or even in the 5 most gang infested cities in America. They didn’t wear saggy pants and they most certainly did not hold their guns sideways. While drugs and prostitutes around them were certainly in the picture, none of them went to the studio and made a song about it. They had it all, from power and fame to ties with politicians or just the image that would make the blood in your vein freeze, even though they all bled like anyone else. They are not the fattest, they are not the tallest. Most of them are not the richest and most certainly, none of them were big in any physical way. Instead they were notorious, leaving their legends and legacy behind in this world for us to learn from and maybe even admire a little.

The US has been the home of gangs of criminals ever since masses of immigrants from Europe started settling in the yet not so established country. The loose rules and control allowed for gangs to develop and fight for supremacy. The earliest example you can find are probably the gangs of Irish immigrants, then followed by the Italians and later on by Chinese organizations. The American mafia, fueled by “nativists” who were no more native than their enemies were another group which saw its beginnings in the dawn of gangs. In the twentieth century’s first half, cities grew to be bigger, more dense and quite a lot more appealing for gangsters of all ranks. The growth of narcotics and alcohol smuggling and illegal distribution, together with gambling and prostitution, started forming because of the notorious work of a more and more intricate network of people.

11. Carlo Gambino

We are kicking off our list with Carlo Gambino, the man who rose to notoriety as the leader of the Gambino crime family. He spread out his area of control as far as being the man who knows what and how passes through almost all of the ports in New York.