11 Biggest Futures Exchanges in the World 2015

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Knowing about 11 biggest futures exchanges in the world in 2015 can be a profitable piece of knowledge considering their importance in financial markets and impact on the economy. Futures exchanges are dominating financial markets by attracting investors and traders. While some established and older futures exchanges are consolidating their position, new players are making rapid inroads. Increasing penetration in emerging economies coupled with the adoption of advanced technological platforms resulted in a dynamic market scenario. The trend is clearly showing a shift of activity in fast-growing developing markets.

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Financial markets are playing an important role in economic development of any nation. They not only act as a barometer of health and growth of economy but also create a real-time platform for price discovery. As a result, all  financial players keenly participate into futures markets in order to gain from this dynamic activity. One of our previous post on the 20 Largest Stock Exchanges in the World provides insights about stock markets industry globally.

In order to rank futures exchanges in the world, we have taken values of the volume of contracts traded from Futures Industry Magazine (FIA) Annual Report as the key reference. Here is the list of 11 Biggest Futures Exchanges in the World 2015.


11. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) – $725.84 million

Located in Mumbai, BSE is the oldest stock market in Asia and second largest in India. It posted impressive 184.8% volume growth during 2014 compared with previous year.

Largest Stock Exchanges in Asia by Volume 11 Biggest Futures Exchanges in the World 2015

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