11 Best Weed Documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube

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If you want to get high on documentaries, why not pick something from our list of 11 best weed documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube? They are great educational pieces and you will have a chance to learn more about the cannabis, its medical use, and issues that surround its legalization.

Weed, marijuana, cannabis, ganja, pot, or whatever you call it, is a plant that is mostly used as a recreational drug due to its psychedelic effects. It is also used in medicine for treating some diseases or symptoms and for religious purposes. When we talk about its recreational use as a drug, weed occupies the 4th place in terms of popularity behind coffee, alcohol, and tobacco (technically also a drug). It is estimated that there was close to 200 million people consuming weed on a regular basis in 2014. Now, the surprising thing is that these numbers didn’t change drastically when compared to 1998. It may look that now everyone uses weed and that it is popular and what not, but the truth is that use of marijuana was always popular. The views about it changed and now we have the opportunity to speak freely about it. Also, we are discovering now that marijuana can have multiple positive effects on humans, including already mentioned health benefits which soften the views of governments on the matter. If you want to know more about how weed can help your health, make sure to check out our list of 12 Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana According to Publicly Traded Weed Companies.

Weed is one of those things countries can’t seem to agree upon. The views about the recreational use of marijuana drastically change depending on the region. Personally, I think everyone should make it legal. It is a completely unnecessary fight with the windmills. Countries that have legalized marijuana in some form are already seeing the benefits from it. It is always better for the country to get the profit through taxes than to let the black market flourish. So far, only Uruguay has made cannabis completely legal. Spain made it legal for use in private objects, and those who use it in public areas risk a fine. There are other countries that have decriminalized recreational use of marijuana like Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, and Slovenia, among others. This means that possession of small amounts of weed isn’t a criminal offense. In a couple of countries like Turkey, Poland, and Italy, marijuana is only legal for treating medical conditions. When it comes to the United States, the question of marijuana use is transferred from the federal level to state levels. In some states like California, Colorado, and Nevada, weed is legal for recreational use. In states like Oklahoma, North Dakota and Arizona, marijuana is legal for medical use only. In others, marijuana is decriminalized or represents a misdemeanor. This brings us to the countries where weed is illegal. In most of the countries where marijuana is illegal, you won’t have a bad time and you’ll risk a fine, but in few of them, you should better watch out. If you are caught with even small amounts of marijuana in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, or Indonesia for example, you could end up in prison from six months to four years. So you better be careful.

To get our list of 11 best weed documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube, we took recommendations from multiple sources including Herb, Mass Root and Sun Times, among others. The first thing we did is checking all the titles to see whether they are available to stream either of the previously mentioned streaming services. Those that were available on one or more were then ranked according to their IMDb rating. Now, let’s roll with it and see the best of them.

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