11 Best Therapy Dog Breeds For Autistic Children

Which are the best therapy dog breeds for autistic children?

Dogs are the only pure creatures on this earth and deserve nothing but everyone’s undying love and adoration. They’re comforting and beautiful and majestic and I want them all to know I am proud of every single one of them. Dogs are a lot of work, though. They’re basically like fluffy children, which can to some degree be the benefit. They instill a sense of responsibility in the owner because you have to feed them, take them outside, and make sure they get to the vet whenever necessary. There are lots of things to consider if you want to get a dog. I live in New York and I’m out a lot of the time, so it doesn’t make much sense for me to have a dog because it would end up being neglected. It’s the struggle of the middle class in a big city, but one day I think I’ll get a dog because I love them so much.

11 Best Therapy Dog Breeds For Autistic Children


What about those who have a special need for dog friendship? 

One in 68 children and one in 42 boys are affected by autism. Japan tops the list of the 11 Countries with the Highest Rates of Autism in the World and it mostly occurred in boys than girls. There is a tendency for children with autism to feel isolated, as many are bullied and have behaviors that require a great deal of understanding. There are many different types of autism, but the common thread is a social impairment that can disconnect one from their surroundings.

Dogs are extremely loyal companions and are instant stress relievers. Many people get dogs to aid those with special needs. Parents tend to get dogs for their children with autism so their child will feel understood and comforted. It’s important when choosing a dog for your child to get one with a good temperament. The dog must be loyal, calm, and friendly. Those are the traits people recommend from sources like Quora, Autism Speaks, and Animal Wised. The best advice would be to consult nearby licensed service dog providers, especially if you want a properly trained therapy dog. You must also, of course, consider if your child and the dog are a good match and if the child needs adult supervision around the dog.

If you’re looking to add a dog to your family and need a specific breed, keep reading to find out the 11 best therapy dog breeds for autistic children: