11 Best Serial Killer Documentaries on Netflix Streaming

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If you are ready to meet some of the real-life monsters, step right in as we take a look at 11 best serial killer documentaries on Netflix streaming in 2015.

Our fascination with serial killers may be explained on several levels, but the bottom line is that we are scared of them. These aren’t some folktales designed to frighten children and make them eat their broccoli, these are real life stories of actual people and their unfortunate victims. These documentaries offer an amazing insight into the heads of some of the cruelest serial killers that ever lived. All of them felt the compelling need to take human lives, as science would have us believe, but what is more terrifying is the fact that they usually live among us, seemingly having normal, everyday lives like the rest of us. Their ability to hide in a plain sight and reconcile their outward appearances of a loving family people with their true nature of savage killers is both fascinating and alarming. If Richard Kuklinski could do it for 30 years, who else among our neighbors could be harboring a secret life?

11 Best Serial Killer Documentaries on Netflix Streaming in 2015


If serial killers aren’t really your cup of tea, or you’ve stumbled upon this article late at night, and you’re alone, maybe the list of best military documentaries on Netflix would be a better choice. At least, you won’t be afraid of going into the bathroom or calling the police every time you hear a suspicious noise outside your home.

To rank 11 best serial killer documentaries on Netflix streaming in 2015, we had to devise a system. Going simply by IMDb rating just wouldn’t cut it, although we did include it in our final ranking. We also scoured dozen of lists on most popular sites in order to get an accurate feel for public opinion. We mixed it all together and came up with a genuine Insider Monkey ranking. Let’s see which are the best serial killer documentaries you can watch on Netflix.

11. Payback: Earl Forrest

Site Score: 1, IMDb Score: 5 Overall Score: 5
Directed by Marshall Johnson
Year: 2012

We begin our slideshow with Killer Speak series, episode Payback: Earl Forrest. Forrest killed his neighbor and her friend in 2002 over a methamphetamine deal gone wrong. That wasn’t enough for him, so he ambushed a police patrol that came to investigate and killed a deputy while wounding the sheriff. Forrest is currently in prison, awaiting a death sentence to be carried out.

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