11 Best Science YouTube Channels To Watch

What are the best science YouTube channels to watch? You will thank us because we made this list of 11 best science YouTube channels to watch, so the next time when going on a date or attending a party, you can be the center of attention – who wouldn’t want to hear about revolutionary discoveries and breakthroughs?

While watching videos and channels that we warmly recommend in this article, you will realize how science can be incredible, fun and in fact easy, if it’s explained well. What is for sure is that your mind will be blown away on a daily basis if you get subscribed to these channels. When thinking about all those geniuses that we owe today’s science, one can’t help but think, that sky would be their limit if they had lived in this internet era. However, that doesn’t mean that nowadays scientists are without sharp mind and good ideas. It means that today’s geniuses are in advantage because their audience is much bigger, thus making them more accepted and appreciated. The reason for that is the internet and the fact that science can be streamed directly, from a laboratory to every living room.

11 Best Science YouTube Channels To Watch

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To attract more subscribers and viewers, the content maker of a certain YouTube channel must be intuitive and well informed, in other words, must know what content does the YouTube market need. After all, a good content means big money. So, if you are interested in YouTube content making, we recommend you to read what were the 11 Most Profitable YouTube Channels for the last year and decide which topic suites you most.

But, let’s get back to the science, and requirements that YouTube channel must have in order to be on our list of the best science YouTube channels to watch. The first ‘must have’ is a scientific approach, because a good scientist must question everything in order to form a testable hypothesis, after which experiments will determine whether something is true or false. So, with that said, dilemma regarding why some high subscribed YouTube channels classified as scientific, aren’t on our list is solved – they simply didn’t make the cut due to lack of scientific approach. Just because something is labeled as an experiment and involves some flashy chemical reactions and tricks, doesn’t mean that deserves a science label, too. The second ‘must have’ are big numbers when it comes to the subscribers and views. So, we were mixing and matching those numbers and come up with the list of the most popular YouTube science channels that covers the fields of chemistry, physics, math, astronomy and a few others. These channels don’t lack in quality, thus being watchable over and over again.

That’s why, prepare yourself for some serious brainstorming and click Next to see our list of the 11 best science YouTube channels to watch.