11 Best Science Documentaries on Netflix Streaming

10. Codebreaker

Site Score: 2, IMDb Score: 1, Overall Score: 3
Directed by Clare Beavan and Nic Stacey
Year: 2011

Alan Turing’s contribution to the Allied war effort in World War 2 was immeasurable. If he didn’t achieve anything else in his life (and he did), breaking of the German Enigma code would be enough to secure his place in history. But the subject of Codebreaker isn’t Dr. Turing’s war record. It is about his conviction and death, told through the diaries of his psychiatrist, Dr. Franz Greenbaum. It is fascinating and terrifying at the same time to watch how a backward laws, implemented by a shortsighted government, can drive a brilliant man, the founder of computer science, to suicide, despite all he has done for his country. The injustice was slightly corrected by the apology and later pardon issued by the British government in 2012.