11 Best Political Movies on Netflix in 2017

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If you’re sick of politics then you likely don’t want to watch any of the 11 best political movies on Netflix in 2017. Politics is all around us. I know it’s been a long few years. But perhaps the best thing you can do to escape is to dive in. Don’t fight the current. Get inspired by politics and by these 11 best political movies on Netflix in 2017.

More than just the current Presidential issues–politics is universal. We each engage in political maneuvering, whether or not we see it that way. It could be something on our level–from high school elections to a workplace power dynamic, or even literally fighting for the best seat on the table. We all participate in some sort or type of politics in some way. Be sure to examine in the 11 best political movies on Netflix in 2017 how the elements of politics are composed and contrived.

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But the ugliest and some would argue the “more real” politicking is done in the corridors of power. Domestic bickering between politicians, country against country, state against a state is something we see daily. However, there are always rays of light in progressive politics and policies that lead to social uplift. Similarly to reality, the movies on this list will make you bring you high and low–but ultimately they will each make you think. Thinking will never be “overrated” so consider one of these 11 Best Political Movies on Netflix streaming in 2015 as your civic duty.

In order for the rankings to be more realistic and not random, we devised a method of ranking. There were a few things we considered. We made sure (obviously) that the movies can be streamed on Netflix. We then created a list of movies which received the highest score on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. By combining everything together, we averaged the scores and created our own score.

Here are 11 best political movies on Netflix in 2017 of the best movies. Some of them wacky and fictitious and others, totally relatable.

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