11 Best Places to Visit in Dominican Republic for Families with Kids

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Get the most of your Caribbean family vacation and check out the best places to visit in Dominican Republic for families with kids!

A family vacation is only as good as the things that everyone in the family can enjoy together. This is exactly what makes family trips as good as they are frustrating – you have to find activities, places, and attractions that will make everyone happy. And by everyone, we mean including tantrums-waiting-to-happen toddlers and cranky teenagers.

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For this list, we have rounded up all the top Dominican Republic vacation recommendations from TripAdvisor, Family Vacation Critic, Frommer’s, and PlanetWare. We have ranked them not just according to the number and variety of family-inclusive activities and attractions, but also according to how easy and convenient they are to find. After all, we’re talking here about a family vacation with kids in tow – anything that involves long and tiring hikes, tons of bugs, or lack of snack bars will likely be not on this list (or will be at the bottom of it).

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So buckle up, and enjoy your best Dominican Republic family vacation guide!

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