11 Best Places to Retire in North Carolina

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Florida may not be the best and only choice for retirement, as many of today’s retirees have found it in the 11 best places to retire in North Carolina.

The growing popularity of North Carolina as the retirement haven has resulted in the Tar Heel State being named ‘The Halfway Back’. This after the rise in a number of former Florida-based retirees has moved in North Carolina in the last decade.

But why North Carolina, though? The reasons are understandable.

For one, North Carolina offers a diverse range of ideal living options for retirees. There are beach options and mountain options – with all the retiree-friendly activities that come with them – and of course, there are the college towns that offer their unique vibe and lifestyle options.

Best Places to Retire in North Carolina


North Carolina also offers one of the most interesting tax policies for retirees: the state does not tax social security income. In 2014, their tax friendliness rates have significantly improved as well.

As with any retirement plan, if you want to make the most of your retirement money, location is key. Pick the right city or town, and you’ll make the most out of your move.

If you’re not on the lookout for the 7 most affordable countries to live and retire in and you want to enjoy your golden years at home turf, but Florida or Arizona is too mainstream for you, check out what North Carolina has to offer you instead!

This list of the 11 best places to retire in North Carolina is picked from the suggestions of Market Watch, Active North Carolina, Local Niche, Top Retirements, and Safe Wise.  We have ranked these towns and cities according to the following criteria: popularity as a retirement community, cost of living, lifestyle offerings and range of activities for retirees, proximity to or availability of public facilities, and of course, safety.

Check out this article and maybe you can finally shortlist your retirement options from the 11 best places to retire in North Carolina!


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