11 Best PC Games of 2015

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Today, we bring a speical list for all the gamers out there – 11 best PC games of 2015!

The entertainment industry continues to bloom as consuming media continues to peak with every next day. But it doesn’t have to all be supposedly dumbing us down to a herd of thoughtless sheep, not in the world of gaming. These best PC games of 2015 will mostly show you that. There still are the insanely pointless, time-wasting alternatives to a good game, some of which you can find in our list of the 11 best free Android games of 2015.

PC gaming has a long and eventful history which should be pretty obvious when seeing how far it has pushed the boundaries of creativity and even technology. Ever since the days when Pong was all the rage, people have been irreversibly hooked on playing computer games of all sorts. Even though it was considered a very “nerdy” type of hobby to have for decades, games and their dedicated communities never stopped growing and developing. Games have come and gone, taking the leadership in sales, telling new stories, continuing old ones and expanding universes to the point of needing a written manual to keep up with what the game can offer. Games have united and kept people together, making new friendships and possibly sometimes breaking some in a moment of fierce competition.

Best PC Games of 2015

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Be it through an old fourteen inch CRT showing the narrative of some good old roguelike or one of the mindblowingly detailed next-gen games, the endless technical and artistic effort of the curators behind some of our fondest memories will remain underappreciated. People still don’t realize that a well-made game, even without all the flashy physics, mechanics and graphics can be as inspiring and engaging as a book or a movie and can leave a deep impression while tackling serious philosophical problems. It does, of course, goes without saying that some of that bad reputation is due to the large number of purely no-value entertainment that some smaller, less serious titles can offer to people who are willing to procrastinate. Even in the modern world, PC gaming is still greatly generalized and stereotypes are still in place. However, on a platform with that many possibilities and literally endless potential, there are a lot of ways to capture the attention and imagination of virtually any demographic out there, given that you have a team of creative people who are willing to take up the challenge.

Even so, just like with any other creative process, mass production and big, monopolizing companies have taken away a portion of the charm that PC gaming had back in the times when there was nobody to set standards or steal content. This year saw a number of titles which have brought back every bit of hope that things are not taking a sharp turn to the worse. This article ranks them not by sales or pre-orders but by their critical reception, as seen on Metacritic. Let’s take a look at the best PC games of 2015:

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