11 Best Paying Summer Jobs For Teachers in New York City or NJ

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Even though summer feels a hundred years away, we’re still thinking about staying on our grinds through those sweltering months, so we gathered a list of the 11 best paying summer jobs for teachers in New York City or NJ.

Summer usually means school’s out, even for teachers, which I’m sure contributes to job benefits. However, there are teachers who dread summer, as it can grow to be boring and also it’d be nice to pick up some extra money here and there. Thankfully, those who still want to earn money while on summer break can take advantage of jobs that are less stressful, fun, and short-term.

Summer jobs vary more now than ever before. We might think of summer jobs as being baristas at the nearby coffee shop, babysitters, or even stocking shelves at Costco. Those are great and popular summer jobs, of course, but there are more options now. The birth of freelancing and telecommuting created more jobs for a wider variety of people that are pretty well-suited to being seasonal.

Teachers have the option of getting summer jobs that are suited to their teaching skills or trying something different. If you want a wide variety of ideas, take a look at the Best Summer Jobs for Teachers. However, we’re looking for the best paying options in New York City and NJ, so we had to look at both pay range and location when choosing the options on this list. Most of the data were sourced from US News and Work It Daily. From the suggestions, we ranked their pay based on Pay Scale. Naturally, the higher the pay the higher it went on our list.

If you’re gearing up for a summer vacation that isn’t completely boring, keep reading to find out the 11best paying summer jobs for teachers in New York City or NJ.

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