11 Best Paying Entry Level Jobs For Economics Majors

Let’s crunch the numbers and check out the 11 best paying entry level jobs for economics majors.

I used to have a weird fixation on Alan Greenspan. I wouldn’t call it a crush but there was something about him–maybe because his name was Alan, or maybe because he controlled the interest rates of my youth. He was chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006. These were formative economic years for me.  Many people blame him in part for the mortgage crisis, per Time: “the super-low interest rates Greenspan brought in the early 2000s and his long-standing disdain for regulation are now held up as leading causes of the mortgage crisis.”  

Still I had other economic obsessions including none other than Alexander Hamilton. No, no I haven’t seen it. Thanks for asking. Aside from historical scholars I may have been the only person who had a thing for Alexander Hamilton before his Broadway success. I remember the day I realized they were making a show about him. Oh! I thought, well that will mostly be for weirdo history nerds like me, so I’ll be sure to get a chance to see it. My assumptions have not quite panned out. Kind of like how Hamilton thought we needed to be economically independent…

 11 Best Paying Entry Level Jobs For Economics Majors

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I guess I’ll always have Anna Schwartz who co-wrote A Monetary History of the United States, 1867–1960 with Milton Friedman. Friedman’s okay too I guess, even though he’s not a woman he managed to say: “the business of business is business.” Not a bad move. Look forward to my economist action figures coming soon. For now we have the best paying entry level jobs for economics majors.

We first had to research on the entry level jobs available for people with a degree in Economics. We sourced the information from Learn, which is a reputable web site with data about jobs and occupations, how much they pay, etc. The results we gathered from Learn were later on ranked according to each job’s average salaries. The salary rates used in ranking were derived from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How did we figure this out? Each entry level job is ranked according to the average pay you can get if you work as one. The higher the paycheck a certain occupation gives, the higher it will rank on the results. Do you think this list would have the same results like the 12 Best Job Opportunities For Economics Majors has?

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