11 Best Part-Time Jobs for Retired Teachers and Administrators

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There is life – a working life that is – even after retirement and these 11 best part-time jobs for retired teachers and administrators prove exactly that.

Many retirees exchange the supposed easy, relaxing life in retirement to look for a second, albeit part-time, career for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, retirees take on new jobs to supplement their pensions. Others do it to save themselves from the utter boredom that they never expected to come with not working full time. Others, still, take on part-time work to give themselves the sense of purpose and routine that they were so used to in their careers.

Contrary to popular notions, there is actually a whole world of options for post-retirement work. There are high-paying ones, ones that give them a physical boost, and even ones that are fun – like the jobs listed among the 12 fun high paying part-time jobs for early retirees. Picking the right job, however, is crucial for a number of reasons. For instance, there is the issue of pension. US pension policies have restrictions on post-retirement income so they can’t really pick jobs with very high salaries. Working post-retirement also comes with potential financial risks. There is also the issue of physical demands of the job. Second, there is the issue of competency. Just like in any job market, some jobs are more especially suited for specific professionals.

 11 Best Part-Time Jobs for Retired Teachers and Administrators


For former educators, the jobs that best suit them naturally involve social skills, management skills, communication skills, and of course – their teaching skills. Retired teachers and administrators, especially those that worked with younger students, are also best known for their patience that proves to be an asset in many work situations.

To come up with this list of the best part-time jobs for retired teachers and administrators, we have curated the most popular suggestions from a number of related articles and studies on the subject. We’ve taken suggestions from Chron Work, Reference, and The Guardian.

While it was easy to find the jobs to list, ranking them was an entirely different story. After all, what one person finds good may not exactly be the same as others. So as the main, and only, truly objective category applicable here (and really, the one criterion we can ALL agree on), we used the median hourly wage for each job as listed on Payscale, set only with the US as its location. Of course, the rates vary mostly on your location and your resume. The rates presented here are generic and do not specify tenure and qualifications but it is good enough a basis to check whether a job would be profitable for you or not.

It is for this reason that one of the most popular suggestions on our sources did not make it to the list of the best part-time jobs for retired teachers and administrators: international teaching. It is, in our opinion, one of the best if not the best post-retirement careers any former teacher or administrator can pick. I mean, any job that involves traveling and being paid to live in a foreign country takes the top spot for us hands down. And the options are not few and far in between either: Asian countries like China and Thailand, as well as many locations in Europe open and the Middle East open their doors for teachers especially for teachers of English.

However, there is a huge difficulty in figuring out the median wage for this job so there is no way to objectively rank it the way we have ranked the rest of the entries in this article. So we’ll leave international teaching hereabouts, letting you know that this is an excellent option for teachers and administrators post-retirement and it is well-worth researching by country.

Now, let’s move on to the rest of this list of the 11 best part-time jobs for retired teachers and administrators!

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