11 Best Neighborhoods in NYC for Singles

If you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go it’s time to jump into the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles. You will have your dance card filled in no time at all.

I loved dating. Loved it. When I was single, I had a great time–it was like a 1940’s madcap musical or something less dorky that I can’t think of for this example. I guess that’s a symptom of having been in a few longer relationships and then being single. The grass is always greener. Now, certainly I love being married, but I can still appreciate that single time. I think it would be weird to shun it. My wife feels the same way about being single too, she enjoyed the hell out of it. Maybe it was because we were both single in New York City. It’s a good place to be single and, I think you know what I’m going to say but here it comes anyway, ready to mingle.

I oscillated between dating apps and meeting people in bars. Those I met on dating apps tended to be looking for something more serious and those I met in bars tended to be 22.  It was good to get to meet a lot of different kinds of people.  Some of them were similar to me and some of them were very, very different. Even if it wasn’t a love connection it was nice to get to know them and hear about their experiences–also cocktails help.

Yulia Mayorova/Shutterstock.com

Yulia Mayorova/Shutterstock.com

I was lucky enough to be dating, as I said, in New York City. I don’t mean that in a pie-in-the-sky stupid Sex and the City type way. I mean in a plenty of fish in the sea, fun, and practical way. Dating is not that serious an event; it shouldn’t take up all of your life or emotions–you still have other things hobbies, interests, goals, family, friends, a job, and most importantly yourself. Also, there are a million bars–almost literally–in my neighborhood alone. The date could be a total dud, but at least I was somewhere interesting, perhaps even witnessing some other crappy date go even worse. Still, the neighborhood is important for this whole endeavor. You definitely want to date in a great neighborhood for singles, luckily we are here to help.

As I established, living a single life–as Queen Latifah would agree–is just thinking about you and no one else. The places on our list of best neighborhoods in NYC for singles are from Quora, and our research, which assessed what places fit the needs of single people, most specifically young professionals–as that is the largest group of single people in New York. You would want a neighborhood with easy access to transportation or where you can easily go to on foot. This may be the opposite of 11 Best New York Neighborhoods to Live in With Families and Kids or there may be some similarities.

Most of the neighborhoods we have are in Manhattan, then we also have a few from Queens and Brooklyn. We thought about the priorities of single people and we chose the neighborhoods with the easiest access to mass transit (for commuting or pleasure,) and also lots of amenities like great restaurants, shopping, bars, parks, places to see concerts–and just generally neighborhoods with action and energy.

As I explained when we say a ‘hood has “recreation,” this does not limit you to bars where you can hang out or try to hit on other single people–though you can definitely do that in these locales. We also made sure they had some other activity areas–like museums, theaters, parks and the movies. Going out and meeting new people or experiencing new things in your neighborhood is great whether you want more friends or a date.

In these ‘hoods a single person can live with convenience since shops, restaurants, and even bars where we can actively participate in the nightlife are present–not that coupled or married people don’t also appreciate them. But let’s be honest single people have the gift of time to do the most ‘appreciating.’  Rent prices may vary–this is New York City so they will all be relatively exorbitant–but pretty sure a single person can enjoy their life to the fullest here. Check out the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles below.