11 Best iPhone and Android Apps for Diabetes Management

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11 Best iPhone and Android Apps for Diabetes Management could change the way of treatment of diabetes mellitus (DM) which is increasing globally among all ages and constitutes a major worldwide health problem. While the internet is a valuable source of information, many patients lack the skills for finding the best health care information to manage their diseases. Thus, it is important for both health care providers and diabetic patients to know the available pragmatic technological resources for diabetes management. As smartphone technology continues to become more integrated into everyday life, their application for the management of diabetes is considered as a beneficial option to reduce the disease progress and improve the quality of life. Currently, there are a number of different commercial applications that can support patients with chronic diseases in general and diabetes in particular. It was shown that they can effectively improve the glycemic control and are helpful in the management of other aspects of diabetes care such as exercise, food control and medication adherence.

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Latest statistics support the finding that 22% of the population already owns a smartphone. They are composed with various features and can come for free or with a high price. However, despite the advantages that diabetes management apps can provide, fortunately they are not among the most expensive apps available.

It is evident that more and more people are using mobile phones and apps for diabetes management as well as to connect with doctors, nurses, and other medical specialists. But where do you start? This article provides an overview of 11 Best iPhone and Android Apps for Diabetes Management to consider before starting to use them for diabetes management. 11 Best iPhone and Android Apps for Diabetes Management were selected based on their potential to support patients with diabetes to monitor their basic parameters, as well as considering user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, and functionality

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