11 Best Grocery Stores In America

The 11 best grocery stores in America are a combination of the perfect shopping experience, comprising comprehensive collections of products for sale, staff friendliness, good quality products at affordable prices, efficient checkout facilities, store appearance, and much more.

Groceries are an essential item on one’s shopping list, the demand for which is never going to slow down even during a recession. There has been a shift in how groceries are shopped for in the present day. According to Cowen & Co., about 12% of U.S shoppers bought their groceries online in 2016. Today’s generation suffers from a lack of time in their lives and therefore prefers to choose convenience and means that are more efficient and time-saving. Online shopping for groceries is the best answer to this problem. The 11 best grocery stores in America have realized this and are, therefore, expanding their line of business into the e-commerce space.

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According to a report, American consumers will spend more than $100 billion on food items online by 2025, with online grocery sales being set to capture 20% of the market by that time. Some of the large grocery stores like Kroger Company (NYSE:KR) and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE:WMT) are already expanding their e-commerce reach. Wal-Mart is the biggest player in the U.S, commanding over 17% marketshare of food and beverage retail sales. Wal-Mart, Kroger and Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) are expected to become the top three players in the $900 billion grocery market by 2021, according to Cowen & Co.

Aleksandar Mijatovic/Shutterstock.com

Aleksandar Mijatovic/Shutterstock.com

Stores like Amazon Go are set to revolutionize the retail food industry, foregoing the need for human cashiers. Rising levels of tech-savvy customers will fuel online grocery shopping in the future. However, there are many who still prefer an overall good shopping experience over saving time or money. Hence, the retail food industry should see a healthy convergence of online as well as ‘brick and mortar’ stores in the very near future.

Over the next few pages, you can read our picks for the 11 best grocery stores in America, created by finding the most common choices from customer surveys compiled by five websites – American Customer Satisfaction Index, MSN.com, Epicurious, Clark.com and Morning Consult. Customers have ranked these stores on various factors such as availability of items, the ease of finding an item, store cleanliness, cashier courtesy, value for money, etc.

For example, Whole Foods Market Inc., which tops the list, was common across all five websites. For the stores which are mentioned by the same number of lists, we have ranked them based on the number of stores they operate, which means it’s more likely you’ll have the possibility to shop at one.

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